jueves, 11 de diciembre de 2008

.:You must be a good Girl VanuLove:.

A bondage pic of my Original Character Vanulove(and protagonist of my hentai manga "Pink Lust")with a boy...but he is a mystery XD


jueves, 4 de diciembre de 2008

Pink Lust (My hentai manga)

Pink Lust - Chapter: 1 (Yuri genero)


Myu Hime (A sexy neko-girl) and VanuLove (A fallen Angel
masochist) are two friend with a bit of rivalry because Both are beautiful girls =D

In the first chapter Vanulove find to Myu in a situation uncomfortable...Myu try apologize and show like a good girl but VanuLove must take extreme measures to show who controle the situation. With Vanu Love you must be a good and obedient boy/girl or you will receive her punish!!!

Format: Sketch (drawings in pencil)

Pagines: 10

Shipment´s method: Via e-mail

Cost: U$S25

(C)Pink Lust is a manga realice by *Dark Vanessa*

-If you are interested in buy the first chapter, send me a e-mail to: darkvanessa.deviantart@gmail.com or send me a note if you are member of Deviantart.com.

My Web pag: darkvanessa.deviantart.com

Hentai Commission

A new commission for my friend james! (thanks for commission me)

The characters is a sexy boy "Doom" (his original character)and me in anime version "VanuLove"

Please, enjoy this new work!