domingo, 6 de junio de 2010

Beach and Boys

*Ext.Commissions for a Odesk Client.

Well..Finally the girls has some pretty to see...Love this boys............Love their penis XD

Girl, enjoy!

Jill´s Services - Commission

Commission nº3 for an external Client.

Sheva and Jill are playing again but here, Jill is the sexy slave and Sheva is very happy with that =P


miércoles, 28 de abril de 2010

Tifa and Aerith In love - Commission

~Commission for my naughty Slave *ChampionNeko*

Tifa and Aerith from Final Fantasy Saga.

sábado, 27 de marzo de 2010

Surprise VanuLust - Commission

~A commission for my Friend Villamar.

Here his OC Yami Tetsuya and my OC VanuLust ^^

miércoles, 27 de enero de 2010

Doom and VanuLust - Gift for me

A wonderful drawing that my Friend Doom-Tanker did for me! Thanks hun!